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October 5th 10am - December 10th 13pm2011 : Concrete Poetry at Southbank Centre Belvedere Road London SE1 8XX

Concrete poetry is the name given to a type of poetry whereby the form and visual pattern of the words is as important as their meaning. As a movement, it was active chiefly from the mid-1950s (the term being coined in Brazil around that time) until the mid 1970s, when other variants such as visual poetry and sound poetry gathered ground. This exhibition brings together some original work from the period, drawn from The Saison Poetry Library's Rare Books Collection (based in Royal Festival Hall), and contemporary artworks responding, not only to the original movement, but also the specific context of the show.

Artists Exhibited: Paul Buck, Bob Cobbing, Patrick Coyle, John Furnival, Dom Sylvester Houédard, Lizzie Hughes, Per Hüttner...

Early Music Online

Primus liber cum quatuor vocibus :
Mottetti del frutto a quatro./British Library K.3.d.3

Many of the British Library’s rare or unique 16th-century music editions are now freely available online, thanks to a partnership between Royal Holloway, University of London, the British Library and JISC. The Early Music Online project has digitised from microfilm more than 320 anthologies of printed music from the 16th century. Over 9000 individual compositions have been digitised, including vocal polyphony and also lute and keyboard tablatures. You can access the digitised editions free of charge via

Popular Music and Society

Special Issue: Popular Music and Marketing

The latest issue of Popular Music and Society is a special issue. This new issue is now available online and contains the following articles:
Introduction Popular Music and Marketing Introduction: Free Online Access:


Computer Music Journal

Volume 35, Number 3, Fall 2011

This issue’s theme is “Emulative Algorithms and Creative Algorithms.” All but one of the issue’s articles discuss algorithms that either simulate traditional, non-computer-based musical techniques or else explore original, creative approaches. In these pages, the dichotomy of imitative versus original creation, of standard versus nonstandard musical practice, shows up in three areas: sound synthesis, musical composition, and musical performance. For each of these areas, they present an emulative approach first, followed by a non-emulative one.

For the areas of synthesis and performance, the two types of approach are documented by a corresponding pair of... Volume 35, Number 3, Fall 2011

Tsgrooten-Antifonarium © Universiteitsbibliotheek Gent
September 8th - November 28th, 2011
Divine Sounds
M - Museum Leuven, Vanderkelenstraat 28, 3000 Leuven

From the early Middle Ages until the end of the Ancien Régime (10th – 18th century), Gregorian chant was omnipresent in Europe’s musical life. Despite the fact that Flanders played an important part in the development and circulation of this repertoire and that an important number of Gregorian manuscripts are still preserved, this area of Flanders’ musical and artistic heritage continues to be an unknown, hidden treasure to many people..[more]

Voices on the Street : Hackney Riots

Mabley Green

This footage is pretty raw, but well worth spending some time with. This is the unedited voice of the streets, with emotions expressed in the heat of the moment, not afterwards in a TV studio. And whether you agree or not, one thing is clear: the people talking in them can not be described as

Solomon Islands Hot Spot


Info by Richard Majchrzak

© R. Majchrzak 2011

Living in the remote Oterama Village on Malaita, Narasirato are farmers and fishermen who keep their musical culture, dating back 75 generations, alive. Oterama was founded in the 1980’s and prior to this the people lived in the hills covering the area. The village does not have telephones, internet or television and it’s people are protective of their culture from Western influences. Tied to a belief system called “Warato’o” - the little seed of goodness in everything – they take inspiration from the wisdom of their ancestors.

The groups’ music and performance reflects this Are’are culture, from the body painting to group dance, and their amazing array of hand made instruments - log drums, conch shells, bamboo thong-o-phones, pan pipes and stomping tubes.

Underpinned by a trancelike bass-driven rhythm, with flourishes of melody from ages-old native scales, their music sounds like an acoustic ode to mother nature. Their distinctive sound will delight fans of the likes of Gurumal, Buena Vista Social Club or Tinariwen.

After countless years performing at the important occasions and celebrations on many of the 1,000 islands of the Solomon Islands, Narasirato are now ready to spread their music across the world. Website

Zensor Künstler Biographien
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Malcolm McLaren

Malcolm McLaren (2009)

..Später lebte McLaren in einem alternativen Wohnprojekt in Paris. Er gilt bis heute als eine der großen Figuren des Punkrocks. Für den Bildband The Album Cover Art Of Punk von Burkhardt Seiler and Friends schrieb er, quasi als Inbegriff des rebellierenden Punks, das Vorwort...[]

Music Theory Online, 17.2

This volume presents twelve entries (five articles, five essays, and two reviews) the majority of which promise a veritable July-4th celebration of American music and musical understanding. In particular, this issue includes a four-essay tribute to Milton Babbitt (1916-2011), written by authors who were directly affected by his work as a composer, scholar, and teacher.

Four scholars whose lives have been especially touched by Milton Babbitt present perspectives on his compositional language. These thoughtful analytical essays represent only a small token of Babbitt’s profound influence on music and music study of the last century. Emily Adamowicz discusses Philomel, Zachary Bernstein explores It Takes Twelve to Tango, Ciro Scotto investigates Groupwise, and Daphne Leong considers both Homily and Beaten Paths.

Contemporary Music Review

New Issue Now Available - Aldo Clementi: Mirror of Time I

The latest themed issue of Contemporary Music Review is now available online. This new issue contains the following articles:

Find out more at

The Music Library Digital Scores Collection

at the University of Washington Libraries


17 Italian Arias (18th c.)

The Music Library Digital Scores Collection at the University of Washington Libraries is now available online directly at or can be searched as a part of the UW Digital Collections. The collection currently includes digital images of manuscript musical scores dating from the 17th through 19th centuries, the majority of the collection comprising 17th- and 18th- century operas, opera excerpts, and other vocal music. The original manuscripts are held in the Music Library's Rare Book Collection and are indexed in RISM A/II.

The project was funded by the University of Washington Libraries 21st Century Awards. Co-PI's for the project are Deborah Pierce, UW Odegaard Undergraduate Library, and Anne Graham, UW Libraries Digital Initiatives. The images were photographed using a Canon EOS 40 D camera with a Canon EF 50mm f1.4 Lens and a copystand. Metadata for the RISM A/II portion of the collection was provided by the International RISM Office and modified to meet the needs of the project. Metadata is available for full contents analytics/each of the individual pieces in the collective manuscripts in the collection.

For more information about the project, contact: Deborah Pierce Odegaard Undergraduate Library University of Washington Libraries Box 353080 Seattle, WA 98195 206-543-4425 dpierce at